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Moving day coming soon....

movers-24403_640 Moving Soon

Three years ago, we uprooted our lives from Southern Oregon to where we are now in Portland.  The truck was loaded with our every worldly possession and and I had my wife and daughter in tow behind me while I drove the large moving truck towing our other car the 300 mile trip to where live now.  It was a long drive and we were EXHAUSTED!  We stopped to get a meal at Shari's that night close to midnight, and made our way back to the apartments clinging to Google Maps every 1/4 mile of the way until we reached our destination.   We did not know the area at all.  I had been working at my job which was new then for just about a week and had just a few days to unpack and return the truck to the rental place here.  We wearily opened up the truck and wanted to grab at least some sort of bedding so we can sleep in our new apartment before the moving guys would come and unload the truck for us.  It then hit us!  The first rule of packing - SAVE YOUR BEDDING for last!   Okay, Okay, I guess that applies to if you are taking a long trip to move to your new home. 

Anyway, we spent our first night on the floor with just our pillows and did the best we could.  It was March 2015 and it was cold enough at night to warrant the heater so we had that to keep us warm.  None of us really slept too well though, the floor was hard as concrete, in spite of it being upstairs, and being in a new place only allowed for a couple of hours of sleep.  The next morning, I woke up very early and decided to go get some donuts real quick to start our morning and some coffee.  I took my trusty phone in hand and started up Google Maps while the girls stayed in the apartment.  I brought up the first donut place near us and made my way.  Before I knew it, I was there already.  The donut place is within walking distance to us, but I didn't know that yet!   

A short time later, we had the moving guys show ups and within an hour, the truck was unloaded.  Our apartment which seemed big was now shrunken down to barely any walking space between the stacks of boxes while we worked to unpack them slowly.  We were still exhausted but knew we had to get this done.  I returned the truck while the girls followed me, that morning, I gassed up at the station and learned real quick that you can't just turn a truck about the size of a Semi and car dolly in a small parking lot without assistance!   We used the rest of the cash we had and put what we could in the tank.  So we went to the Home Depot around 10 miles out from here and returned it.  By then, the tank had plummeted to 3/4 full.  My heart sank knowing that we would be facing fuel charges twice the current rate for every gallon which was missing.   I guess the person inspecting the truck saw the exhaustion on our faces, and took mercy on us and waived the fees.  They explained to me that  some Diesel fuels foam up during filling and create a false Full tank.  This is what happened to us and they were cool about it.    We made it back home and started our new lives here. 

Fast forward three years...  We will be coming to the end of our lease at the end of September.  At this time, we are going to be moving to a destination yet unknown.  We are busy checking into places and trying to locate one within our budget in the school district.  We are finding that while we are trying to be proactive, most places do not have a 'schedule' yet of vacancies toward mid September.  So, we are going to have to wait until next month probably to start the application process. 

Over the course of time in these apartments, we have experienced a lot of different things which have swayed us away from the highly rated complex we live in.  They have had a couple of changes of management with one manager in particular, I did not get along with.  They eventually left and we have the one who is there now.  We've had smokers down stairs smoking on their patio which pushes smoke into our apartment, loud downstairs neighbors slamming doors, breaking walls literally and nights of shouting.  They moved, and new ones came in with the same smoking habits.  I filed a complaint about this and the management corrected this.  This was about the only time something like this has been done.  It turns out, that anyone who smokes, must use the carport areas to smoke.  

This leads me to another reason for wanting to move - the walk to my car which is on the end of the carport, is right next to a popular area where people are smoking.  I walk dead into the line of smoke, getting into my car, one smoker is kind enough to walk out of my way and the others just sit there on utility boxes near the car and continue to smoke.  With me trying to recover from having the lung surgery, I need to avoid as much particulate as humanly possible.  Let me put this out there, I grew up with someone who smoked for 13 years of my life, I understand it, and personally do not have any issues with anyone who smokes.  I take issue with those who do not respect others and continue to push second hand smoke into my personal space.  

Several months ago, I wrote about it https://www.keithandmandy.com/2018-01-04-01-46-02.html  But in short - we learned about a very important alarm that we were never educated about the hard way. 

Recently, we had an issue with mud daubers building a nest on the same level as us near the doorway of our neighbors.  We made a report about it and management said without much concern that it would be about 2 weeks before the monthly exterminator would come out and take care of it.  In the mean time, the nest continued to grow bigger and bigger.  Early last week, ahead of schedule, it was scraped off and removed.  We have since taken matters into our own hands and sprayed some insect spray around our door way as after they did this, we had an influx of bugs and spiders hanging around our door.  I think they just sprayed the neighbors area when they removed the nest. 

The final straw for us I think though was, our manager left early during rent payment time closing the office to take their deposits to the bank.  We were not able to pay the rent until around 4:15pm, after I had come home from work.  The office was closed.  I waited for them until around 5:30 with nobody showing up. No sign on the door or any other indicators of return.  I left a message on the Property Management company's machine and also the apartment manager's machine.  Asking for a call back, nobody ever did.  I went in the next morning as I had the day off and made the payment.  The manager seemed unconcerned about it, and really didn't seem to care about my concerns.  I've called the property management company before only to be told to talk to the on site management if any issues.  It had happened at that time, I wasn't able to reach the property manager.  

We've had a couple of winters here, and one of them so bad, that the concrete steps here froze over and crumbled.  It took an act of congress almost to get hem to replace the steps, which were about 4 broken steps at the bottom.  They did replace them, but it seemed like it took a lot of pushing.

So, we have decided to move on - and our goals are going to be met.  We are going to be pushing toward a lower level dwelling this time around and have so far, found several in the area right now that meet our requirements.   Hopefully soon, we will be posting pictures of our new place here and will be able to write about that move. :) 

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