Unfair landlord practices

Last fall, we got a notice about this, but also got one today via e-mail.  It looks like our apartment complex is getting ready to put a hammer down soon.

Dear Valued Residents, 
 Now that the weather is getting warmer we want to remind everyone of the policy change we made in the fall. We will no longer be allowing window AC units. This is a decision our company has made to protect the windows and siding which, as many of you know, we just replaced a couple of years ago. You of course may still use the AC units with the hose attachment. 
 Here are a few
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The importance of backups my story

A couple of weeks ago, I was working with my system and my backup drive which is separate from the computer was starting to act strangely.  I knew this was a sign of impending doom so I scrambled to recover what I could as the drive would work for about 2 minutes after boot up, then go down.   The amount of storage on the drive is roughly 650GB of data.  In this data set, I have every music CD we own backed up to the server and our family photos, wedding photos, and lots of other items which are not easily replaceable.   I have backed up this drive before to

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Which way would you like to login?

I am evaluating methods to add extra login security to the site.  First and foremost, the site is secured 100% with an SSL certificate, which encrypts content to and from the server and your computer.  This helps scramble your password you enter in transmission to the site.   This helps protect your logins from potential 'eves-droppers' from reading your password if they should spy on you in the coffee shop, or another open wireless network.

In today's day and age though, scrambling your password is not enough and it is vital anymore to use multi-factor authentication.  I touched upon it about a month ago, I am still searching for other methods

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My new phone and troubles

Three weeks ago, I wrote about my new phone number, and switching over to Cricket Wireless.  I wanted to share some info about how their company works and how so far, they have started to lose me as a customer.

The phone I bought is the one you see in the picture.  It is a ZTE Grand X4 phone.  The main selling point for me appealed to my inner security geek with it's fingerprint scanner.  The minute I saw it on their site, I knew that is the one I wanted.   When we made the switch, I happily brought the home and enjoyed knowing that I had enhanced security on

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Advertisements on Devices

As a consumer, I have always been bombarded by advertisements in print, on the radio, TV, and even movies.  With the advent of the Internet and ad-blockers, I was prompt to install one and have been spoiled by how 'clean' the web appears without advertisements.   When we started having smart phones come onto the scene, it was immediately a new avenue for advertising revenue for the developers of applications and Google (for Android), and the increase of advertisements in apps has become a nuisance.   I think most of us are used to or have become so numb to them invading our apps that we do not care about them

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Weekends are too short!

I had to work yesterday which took the majority of my day.   Up at 4:30am work at 6:30am to 3:30pm.   After work, I went to the auto part store to purchase a replacement blower motor for the car.   Over the last month or so, it was starting to make noise, louder and louder.  I knew that a bearing had come loose or something along those lines.   In my years of car ownership, this would be the second one I have replaced and it just so happens, both cars that I have done this on have been SUV's.  

I spent today installing or attempting to install the blower motor.  I found

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Checks and Balances

When I was in school, we learned all about the checks and balances system in my Social Studies class.  With the recent political change we have had in our country, I have finally seen it in action.  No matter what political view you have or who you support, you can easily see what has gone on and no matter what your view, the nation is seeing the system come into use more than ever.

I am not sure where we will go as a country, or where we will be in the next 4 years as one, but I know that we will be in a safe World War free

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