Deaf Ears and Management

Last Saturday, I was at work when Mandy called me, I was on the phone with a customer and had to reject her call.  She called back a minute or so later, so I knew it was an emergency type of call.  I put the customer on hold, and took her call.  A loud squeal coming, her in a state of uncertainty as to what to do.  She had located it to the hall and found the source:

This is on our wall and puts out we later discovered, well over 90db of noise.  She tried to turn it off, but there was no way.  Now, we were never told

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The cord has been cut!

About two weeks ago, we made the hard disconnect of our cable TV and internet service with Comcast, this was due to their high rates and the need to lower our monthly costs.  The return of the equipment to them was painless and quite quick.  I came home and placed an order for FIOS (Fiber Optic Service) to our home for Internet only.  I have had service with Frontier Internet before and they were the company I ordered from again.   After placing the order, I was given an install date of today, September 1st.   This meant that we would have no Internet in the apartment for a while.  With only

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Doctors....I don't know what to say...

Around here, and with as many people here in the greater Portland metro area and suburbs, there are a lot of doctors, more than one can count easily.  With more specialists and doctors to choose from, I was surprised to find that for the number of Pulmonologists in the area are roughly 20 -25.   Now, get this - 3 clinics in my area - split between all three.   I had a not so good experience with the pulmonologist I saw in January of this year.  His overall bedside manner was not exactly great towards me, and I felt like my situation was being discounted.   Nonetheless, he ordered a CT scan

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The heat killed my fan!

It has been hot in the Portland metro area just like it has been for the rest of the country.  We have not been any exception to the weather and that is all well and good.   Last week, we hit highs close to 110° and then later in the week, mid 90's.  Pretty much we have stayed cool with the help of our portable A/C and two fans, a box fan at the end of the hall near the bedroom where the A/C is blowing out of to "Throw" the heat down the hall, and then an oscillating fan which helped distribute the cooler air.

This morning, I turned on

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I'm done asking

Over the past couple of months, I have made this site to be as easy to register and login with as humanly possible short of making everything 100% accessible without memberships. 

I have made the request and offer to have anyone register on this site, and nobody has except for a few.  It has fallen on deaf ears and I am getting frustrated asking people to sign in.  I have had more spambots or automated registrations come in than I have from real people.  (Spambots - I know who you are and have blocked you!)   When I see people that don't register, that I know have in the past or

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Cutting The Cord (Soon)

We are soon to face some changes in our household which will make some difference in the way we view television shows.  I will not go into those changes exactly, but one of them is that I plan on soon making the switch away from having a DVR cable/box and just going straight to Internet streaming of video.  Over the last several years, the cable industry has seen a sharp decline in the amount of subscribers, and a trend toward online video.  WIth this trend, they have started to get in the game so to speak by integrating services within their packages.  For example right now, our provider, Comcast (Xfinity),

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A Techies Dream

I think just about any techie secretly dreams of, or already has a hybrid type of smart home.  I have been toying with various ideas over the last year or two about how I could make our home more automated.  When you think about smart homes, you might think about similar technology to Star Trek or futuristic shows.   I think we are now at the point where we can add some of these things in our lives.  For example, I have a wishlist of items I would like to use to automate our home just ever so slightly and still make it very landlord friendly:

  1. Phillips Hue Smart Lighting system
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Google Rewards and Maps Questions

Once upon a time a couple of years ago, I signed up for a program from Google that would pay you for surveys that they would send out to you in the form of their Play Store credits.  Sometimes, you could get around $0.10 or $.08 and rarely $1.00 per question depending on their systems.  This often turned out to be a nice incentive to purchase apps on the Play Store for free since they were paying you in the form of credits.    Since I signed up on 12/9/13, I have amassed a total of $80.89 in credits with the last survey taken on 03/31/17,  Not every survey paid anything.

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A Letter to my Facebook Friends

To all my Facebook friends and family,

I wanted to extend an invitation to you to come join our web site!  I know many of you had registered, but have never come back and re-registered on this site after I made the final and last major upgrade I plan on doing for the next several years.   I am not sure if I have upset anyone with the changes made or if everyone is just too busy to come in and join. 

I normally do not post on Facebook.  As you are well aware, I do not post much, and when I do, is is usually little things.  Otherwise, I write

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This is why I made changes to the site

I was using WordPress to run this web site and found it to be a great platform for blogging overall.  It is a no cost solution and is easily learned by those who are wanting to start their own blog or other web site.  My web hosting company I ran used WordPress and it was ideal for the job.  In fact, many businesses run on WordPress including major corporations.  I ran into some issues with it however, that pushed me over the edge in what I found to be an acceptable level of problems.

My reasons in order for making the switch:

  • There is a very old yet - unpatched
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Come Join Us!

I wanted to update what has been going on with the site.   The site has undergone several changes:  A brand new look, new design, new feel, more login options and soon to be more functionality.  

First the most important news:


Due to the changeover which I did, I was not able to bring everyone's account over as much as I wanted to.  Given the nature of the security involved with the web site systems and how the passwords are super tightly encrypted (THATS A GODO THING!) :)  it was not possible to do this.  

One observation I noticed was that there were a few people

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Unfair landlord practices

Last fall, we got a notice about this, but also got one today via e-mail.  It looks like our apartment complex is getting ready to put a hammer down soon.

Dear Valued Residents, 
 Now that the weather is getting warmer we want to remind everyone of the policy change we made in the fall. We will no longer be allowing window AC units. This is a decision our company has made to protect the windows and siding which, as many of you know, we just replaced a couple of years ago. You of course may still use the AC units with the hose attachment. 
 Here are a few
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Sometimes computers show their age. :)

I worked 6 days last week with Sunday being my only day off until Friday, so I decided to get a lot of things done with my computer and other items Sunday.  About a month ago, we picked up at Goodwill an Android TV Box for well under what it should cost.  In short - the Android TV box turns your TV into a media streaming system.    I hooked it up and it worked for about a week then died.   With it costing less than a meal at a fast food place, I didn't feel too bad about it.  In came my Raspberry Pi though to the rescue, one of

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How I love my wife

One of the things that has been on my mind lately is how husbands should treat their wives.  This also applies to boyfriends as they too do apply in many areas for them.  After I had divorced in 2007, I had gone through many changes in my life, my emotional being, and I changed in ways that I still can not explain.  I like to think of my time single as a time of personal reflection, evaluation and while it was hard many days and nights to not have someone to come home to or call my wife, I was being changed without realizing it.

For husbands, this means love

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The importance of backups my story

A couple of weeks ago, I was working with my system and my backup drive which is separate from the computer was starting to act strangely.  I knew this was a sign of impending doom so I scrambled to recover what I could as the drive would work for about 2 minutes after boot up, then go down.   The amount of storage on the drive is roughly 650GB of data.  In this data set, I have every music CD we own backed up to the server and our family photos, wedding photos, and lots of other items which are not easily replaceable.   I have backed up this drive before to

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Which way would you like to login?

I am evaluating methods to add extra login security to the site.  First and foremost, the site is secured 100% with an SSL certificate, which encrypts content to and from the server and your computer.  This helps scramble your password you enter in transmission to the site.   This helps protect your logins from potential 'eves-droppers' from reading your password if they should spy on you in the coffee shop, or another open wireless network.

In today's day and age though, scrambling your password is not enough and it is vital anymore to use multi-factor authentication.  I touched upon it about a month ago, I am still searching for other methods

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Sick and tired

Since Friday, I have been fighting a bad cold of sorts which has taken out my office and co-workers for days at a time.  At the very start of it, I had a raw throat and came home mid shift because talking on the phone for a living and sore throats just do not mix well.   I immediately hit it head on with copious amounts of Echniacea and Vitamin C to head off the impending attack on my body.  This usually shortens the length of an average cold I might have to be around 1 day or so out of 4 that it would normally last.  Today, marks day 5

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2 years already?

Earlier last week, I completed the second year of employment at my job.  I work there as a sort of a help desk technician for the automotive service industry.  This job is the secondary reason for moving to the Portland area.  This last not only marked the second year at my job, but also the second year of living here in the metro Portland area in a nice suburban area.   We live just under 2 miles from the Portland city limits and often travel into the SW portion of the big city to go to one of the Safeway stores or to the children's hospital as needed.  Instead of traveling

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