The cord has been cut!

The cord has been cut!

About two weeks ago, we made the hard disconnect of our cable TV and internet service with Comcast, this was due to their high rates and the need to lower our monthly costs.  The return of the equipment to them was painless and quite quick.  I came home and placed an order for FIOS (Fiber Optic Service) to our home for Internet only.  I have had service with Frontier Internet before and they were the company I ordered from again.   After placing the order, I was given an install date of today, September 1st.   This meant that we would have no Internet in the apartment for a while.  With only the data allowance on our phones, we were able to squeak by with minimal use.

One of the first things I did, was hook my HDTV antenna back up to the TV so we can recieve over the air broadcasts.  Set the TV up to scan in channels from the antenna and soon, we came up with roughly 40 different channels to watch.  To help pass the time with TV, movies were checked out from the library and watched.  Most of the time however, minimal TV was also watched.  Commuinication in the family went up and while it was already good, it increased more.  It was a good reminder of days past when there was no such thing as the Internet in your home and Cable TV was simply a luxury.  Days spent as a child playing in the front yard, riding my bicycle, playing in the back yard, at friends houses etc, were all fond memories.   The time away from the Internet and TV, gave us a great opportunity to get things done around the home which needed to be taken care of. 

Today, the installer came and hooked up the Internet and we are now saving roughly $100/month on our service.  WIth the previously mentioned Internet based TV that we are using, this is proving to be a very good savings!   It is good to be back up and on-line.  The family has benefited from the lack of Internet and I plan on doing temporary disconnects (By turning off the equipment), every so often just so we can re-connect with each other!


Written by : Keith

That was a blessing in disguise, huh? I've heard other people express same sentiments when they either get rid of - or as you said - temporarily turn off - all the outside stuff that consumes us before we know it. Communication is such an important part of any family and I'm glad you were able to recall fond memories of your childhood during this time!

I'm working on spend less time on Facebook - it was starting to eat up my day and nothing great was accomplished.

Congratulations - proud of all of you!

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