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Going Downhill

October started innocently enough and we are now at the middle of the month with more than enough to keep us busy and stressed to the max with no apparent sign of relief.  With our recent trip to Portland in Doernbechers, we started to see things go downhill from there.  My job had started to reduce my workloads resulting in reduced hours.  I had a conversation with my boss at the time through chat as they are in a different part of the state as I was.  I was told that I had to have a 75% work to 25% training ratio for billing.  In other words, most of my day had to be out working tickets and calls before I could bill any time for training.  For an 8 hour scheduled day, this meant that I would have had to have at least 6 hours of logged call time working on tickets before I could even think about doing any training.  It just so happened, that I was getting anywhere from 0 to 1 case a day, and the one I would get was nothing more than a simple case not making it 30 minutes to an hour or so.  So, I could not add any training time for me which I was working on for my certifications needed to stay on board with the company.

It just so happened that that week, my back was starting to act up and by Wednesday of that week, I was in considerable pain, not being able to handle sitting for periods of time, walk, or even lay down for relief.  I let my boss know I was going to be out with my back and was going to see the doctor.  This led me to see my primary care doctor which had not really given much of a diagnosis for it other than it should resolve itself in a few days or as long as a month’s course of time.  I told him that I could not have more than a day or two of downtime as I had missed work and we were already short financially because of our trip to Portland.  He put me on Prednisone to remove any inflammation which was present and I opted out of a stronger pain pill than the one I was taking which did not help anyway.  The next few days were met with pain and me going to the Chiropractor to get relief, this helped a lot.  I had a nice weekend to relax and not worry about being on call (on call every other week), and gave my back some nice time to recoup.

Monday the 13th I got a call from my temp agency that hired me to tell me that on Friday the 10th, my job was terminated because of lack of work.  This started the downward spiral we have taken this week both financially, but also physically and mentally.  I had been applying for jobs the last week anyway because of the lack of work I was getting and to get into a better job, but was doing it with the security of knowing I had a job to fall back on until I was hired.  I cold not have been more wrong in this area come the following Monday when I got the news.  So, I immediately filed a claim for Unemployment and began applying for more jobs of course.   We went down to Access to get assistance with our electric bill which was set to be shut off because we had not been able to pay it because of my reduced hours.  This led us to have to place a call to a number to set up an appointment to go over the situation.  In the process, we told them were low on food and I was out of a job recently.  They set us up for the food box program.  We went several places to check to see if we could get assistance in any other way, and also turned in our food stamp application, having no income at this point was not really a good place to be in when it comes to food as you would know for sure.

Tuesday, we went through different places looking for assistance and getting turned away because of no money in their programs.  I continued to look for work online and applied for a couple of jobs.

Wednesday, we were served with papers to go to court on the 22nd to talk to them about being evicted from our apartment for non-payment of rent.  (Did I mention hours were shutting us down financially and lack of work was the cause?)  It just so happened, that I was given a loan from a family member to cover a portion of the past due rent so I called the property management company was told the person who wrote the papers was there.  I immediately drove down to the office to be met with the receptionist who said the person was on the phone and took my name and said she would let them know I was here.  After a minute or two of standing there, she comes back and asks if it was about the papers (summons), I said it was. She returned back to the person and came back several minutes later to tell me we had to discuss any issues in court with her.  I presented the money order to the receptionist who said she would take it and it had to be done in court.  Long story short with that one, I left with not being able to pay them after arguing it with them.

Thursday left us pretty drained and tired emotionally, we went to the DHS office to talk about getting TANF assistance, we were operating on very little sleep since we were up most of the night not being able to sleep as a result of the summons we got trying to figure out what we would do next.  When we got to the DHS office, we waited a while beyond our scheduled appointment and spent 2 hours with the worker which mostly typed numbers and information into their systems to only find out that we over qualify for TANF.  We did manage to get our Food Stamps benefits set up so that was a good thing.  We then went to Access with our eviction papers and were turned away saying there was no money in the program.  We also mentioned that we had not heard from energy assistance except that we had missed a call and returned it back to them.  They pulled someone forward to let us know that we could set an appointment for December 2nd!  Okay, so now we don’t get help there from them.  We then went to Salvation Army which turned us away with no money in the program.  By this time, we were pretty much exhausted and could not do much more given the high levels of stress going on.

Today Friday, I woke up feeling tired, sore throat and feeling pretty blah and still exhausted in every way possible a human could.  I went to a Physical Therapy evaluation appointment which was set for me only after I told the doctor on Monday things were not better.  We went through several different things in the PT office and was told that my diagnosis they had would not be covered by my insurance.  Basically, my pelvis is out of alignment and “might be the cause of my back pain but it could not be said for sure.  I have a referral to a spine specialist which I hope to hear from next week.  On top of feeling some pain from the PT evaluation and just not feeling well, I went home and have gone through a range of emotions throughout today.

This coming weekend, we hope to be able to get some recharging time from stress and get away from things for a bit so we can be ready for our court time this coming Wednesday.  I will write more after that.


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