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This is why I made changes to the site

I was using WordPress to run this web site and found it to be a great platform for blogging overall.  It is a no cost solution and is easily learned by those who are wanting to start their own blog or other web site.  My web hosting company I ran used WordPress and it was ideal for the job.  In fact, many businesses run on WordPress including major corporations.  I ran into some issues with it however, that pushed me over the edge in what I found to be an acceptable level of problems.

My reasons in order for making the switch:

  • There is a very old yet - unpatched security hole which exists in the WordPress ecosystem which can compromise accounts and sensitive data.
  • The amount of system resources required to run the software eventually began to tax the server and system which also increased the amount of time it would take for the site to load.
  • WordPress itself does not allow the granular content control that I need for this web site. 

To explain my last point, I have three different areas of content I divide between:

  1. Public - Visible to anyone including unregistered members, just like this post is.
  2. Members Only - Restricted content which is not meant to be seen by non-registered people, this would include semi-personal posts as well as some personal ones that I do not wish search engines to pick up.
  3. Family Members - Immediate family will have access to this area where I can share more details and share other items meant to be read by them only and do not pertain to the two other groups.  For example, my phone number is filed under this category.

WordPress had the ability to restrict content to Members Only, but iwithout adding an additional programming piece (slowing the site down more), I was limited to public vs. members only posts.  In addition, I had a few users who had problems registering and/or logging into the site which created more confusion in the long run creating frustration.   By using this software, I am able to integrate Social Network Login ability to the site. 

When you choose to login with Google+ for example, you click the Logo and it will ask you if you accept this site to use your information which is your email and name to register.  Once you accept this, you are immediately registered as a member and cna access the members only pages/posts.   The next time you return to the site, simply click on the same network you registered with, and you are imemdiately logged back in.

I also left in standard registration/login within the site under the "My Account" link on the menu bar for those that do not care to use Social network integration/login.

This is going to be the last major change I will be making on the site for the forseeable future.





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