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I'm done asking

Over the past couple of months, I have made this site to be as easy to register and login with as humanly possible short of making everything 100% accessible without memberships. 

I have made the request and offer to have anyone register on this site, and nobody has except for a few.  It has fallen on deaf ears and I am getting frustrated asking people to sign in.  I have had more spambots or automated registrations come in than I have from real people.  (Spambots - I know who you are and have blocked you!)   When I see people that don't register, that I know have in the past or who have seen my posts inviting them in, I feel like they really do not care about what I have to say and/or too absorbed in Facebook to stop by and show their support and participation.

I pay a monthly fee to reserve my site on a web server that I rent, I pay an annual fee to keep our domain name alive, which I have done every year, and I pay a monthly fee for the back end of things that you never see that power the site.  Why?  Because I want to share things with you, I want to share things with the world!  

Let me take a minute to discuss memberships and levels.

As part of privacy and personal security concerns, I have split the site into three different zones:

  1. Guest or unregistered
  2. Member  - accesses information that I do not wish to share with search engines mostly, I may sometimes share names and information that if found would potentially be of damage to my place of employment, or just simply information I would like to share with those who chose to register!
  3. Family members only - Unless you are a family member, you would probably find this area boring, and really - who wants to hear about the cats?   Here, I share things with our names mentioned and more intimate things that belong to family.

When you are unregistered, you see this post and really very little.   Being registered gets you the meat and potatoes of my posts, and really is what I like to keep private.

I have kept the registration open for longer than I have planned to and am considering shutting it down, but I will leave it open if I start to see improvment in the number of members.


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