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The FiberFix Glue Pen


 About a month ago, I was hand washing my glasses and was drying them off by shaking the excess water off.  I had an arm of my frame literally come off and my glasses went flying away.  Needless to say, this was not a good thing to happen!  Mandy and I worked together to put the frames together.  She did most of the work as my up close vision at best is very blurry and trying to work on something as precise as this just isn't going to work!  It turned out that the arm of my frames snapped apart right at the lens area right on the frame.  The arm was intact, complete with the spring that allows you to flex the arm if needed.  So, we grabbed our trusty bottle of superglue and went to work.   It was at night and I was needing to head to bed so we glued the arm back on and let it cure overnight.  

In the morning, I grabbed the now mended glasses and put them on my face and SNAP!  The arm popped right off.  I knew this wasn't going to work at this point.  The superglue created such a rigid bond, that it was unforgiving with the normal flex given putting them on.  Back to the drawing board we went.  Mandy, in her excellent craftiness fashioned a taped up arm to the frame and I went to work.  We tried working with a brush on superglue as the one we were using from the Dollar store, so the real deal might be the best option.  This time, it would not stay together.  So, for a couple of weeks, I went with the tape solution.  It is getting time to have my eyes looked at again, and I just resigned to the fact that I will just wait until we get new frames. 

In a search for a good glue, I stumbled upon the glue pen at Home Depot, The promises on the package looked good and I decided to give it a shot.  Even if the glue worked for a couple of weeks, it would be enough to get me through until I get my new frames.   

FiberFix Total Repair Super Glue

​The basics behind this glue are simple.  You use the precision tip to apply the glue, and use the attached UV Light to cure it.  I was intrigued by this and went to work with Mandy's assistance.  She held the arm in place, and I zapped it with the UV Light after application.  About 10 seconds later, we were done.  If you have ever been to the dentist or been with someone who has seen dental work, it is the same principal.  The UV Light interacts with the chemical in the glue to harden it.  Let me tell you - after using this glue ​I WAS IMPRESSED!!!!​  not only did the glue hold the arm in place, it felt just like my frames were never broken.  I could place the glasses on my face and never notice the difference. 

I wish I could say it stopped at this, but with my success with this fix, my mind went to work.  We have a Pineapple slicer with a clear tube and handle that attaches to the top, the tube penetrates the pineapple and essentially spiral slices it while leaving out the core.  The handle had broken inside of the tube and would freely move around.   Since the glue dries clear, I used it to fix the handle.  Now, it is permanently bonded and has withstood at least one or two hand-washings.  We have a colander where the handle was cracking which would get worse with the weight of what we were draining, so I used it on that.  

Next came a few other items around the house which did not really have any significance but nonetheless, needed some sort of repair.  I even have repaired my shoes where the front part of the sole at the toes was coming off.  Still strong a week later.  I even placed a dab of the glue on the top of my phone charger cord so I would know which end was up.  That is hard as a rock and I doubt it can be removed easily without damaging the plug!

The overall benefit of this glue so far has proven itself, it promises to bond to 2000lb strength and from what can tell, it has met it's promises made.  I have not been endorsed by the company or anyone else, but figured I would recommend this for any of the harder repairs you may have where super glue just does not make the cut. 

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