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An update on my health

I just wanted to touch base with everyone.  My recovery has been on track for the most part.  I am now dealing with the post-surgical cough which I have been told is a normal part of this.   Where I work, I am on the phone 8 hours per day, not every minute of the time, but it is my job to talk on the phone and provide technical support to end users.  Troubleshooting and descriptive solutions are all part of it.  This has led to me experiencing more fatigue than I usually do.  I have consulted with the surgeon who basically said that since my body went through what it did as part of the surgical procedure, that I can expect this for several months.   As a direct result of the fatigue, my work has agreed to reduce hours as needed and to excuse me as needed without consequences to leave work early as needed as well.  

I think one of the main reasons for the fatigue is the amount of use I am giving my lungs.  Prior to surgery, I had about 85% lung capacity, I was told I would have about the same after, but then they took another portion of lungs that was not planned.  Not much mind you, but I know this also reduced capacity.  This means that I am using my lungs more to breathe and of course use my voice.  I do not have any specific ideas of how much use, but it is almost as if I am running the equivalent of several miles per day by the amount of breathes I take and the use I give my lungs.  The way I figure, this is more than your average office worker, radio personality, or even television personality, whose roles involve speaking as well.  By the end of each work week, I am more than tired.   For the last couple of weeks, I could put in 2 days on 1 day off and 2 days on, with the 1 day being a  rest day.  This helped a lot.  

I feel like I dodged a bullet with the diagnosis of Stage 1 cancer and that they removed 100% of the tumour and my lymph nodes they took out came back clean as well.  I am now in the surveillance phase of things where they will be scanning me every few months via CT scan to make sure nothing comes back.  My surgical scars are starting to heal and I now sport some impressive looking ones on my right side. :) 

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