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Upcoming Surgery

This is too much to post on Facebook, as I am going to go into detail here.

I met with the surgeon last week and he is wanting to do a video assisted thorasic surgery.  Basically, they go in with a small camera and tools without opening up my chest.   They believe that I have a 60-70% chance of having lung cancer and are treating it as such accordingly.  They are going to go in, and check my lymph nodes to determine if anything from the tumour has spread to there.   If so, then they will biospy it.  If my lymph nodes are okay, then they will remove my upper right lobe of my lungs.  If they need to biospy what they find on my nodes, they will refrain from the removal of the lobe.  While waiting for results, I will undergo 2 weeks of chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment.    After this has been done, they will remove the lobe of my lung.

Later in this coming week, I will be getting a PET scan and MRI to show if anything has spread to my brain or other parts of my body.  Then, on the 10th of April, the surgery will happen.  I've been told there will be a 2 week recovery period with anywhere from a 3-5 day stay in the hospital.   As this is dealing with my lungs, and is invasive, it is classified as a Major Surgery.

If this turns out to be lung cancer, I know that I am going to fight it as hard as I possibly can with as much treatment as needed to prevent the spread of things.  I know that removal of the lobe with the tumour on it will greatly reduce the likelyhood of anything spreading.

If it turns out to be a benign thing, then my journey into the lung situation will come to a close with my recovery.  Doctors have told me that when I was tested earlier this year for lung capacity, I had 85% lung capacity as a result of my upper right lobe being blocked by the tumour.  Removing this will not have any impact on the capacity as it accounts for 15% roughly of lung function. 

I hope to be able to keep everyone updated as time marches on with my results and after the surgery.

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