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An update on my lungs

Earlier this month, I went into OHSU for my scheduled Bronchoscopy to determine what is going on with the mass in my lung.  Overall, the procedure was fairly easy to do and after everything was said and done, the doctor after the procedure told me that they did not see any cancer in my lung.   After this, I figured the case was closed.   As part of the tests, they sent some samples taken out of my lungs as a culture to test if I had a fungal growth or other bacterial growth.  Both of those tests came back as negative.    Last week, I checked in with the doctor through the MyChart app they have to find out the results of the test.  A few days later, I got a response from him. 

They can not definitively rule out cancer.  He told me that he brought the test results and everything that has been done to another Pulmonologist to see if what I had was what is called an Organizing Pneumonia, in that it is a pneumonia that is not contagious and manifests itself as it is now.     After the other doctor reviewed it, he determind that it was not Pneumonia.  Now, this doctor is a professor of Pulmonology and after this they both agreed it wasn't becuase the pattern shown in the CT, does not show a pattern of inflamation which is known to be present with this at this stage of the growth.

I am now moving on to the next phase of investigation of what this mass is in my lung which will be a video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS), which is where the surgeons make a few small incisions between the ribs to insert their camera and tools and are able to take biopsies or resection of the lungs. This is a much more reliable result than a needle biopsy. 

I have been referred to a cardio thorasic surgeon to be evaluated for candiacy for this procedure.  That appointment will be on the 26th at OHSU.   Only time will tell what the results will be and of course what the results will be.   I asked my pulmonologist about when they examined me, if there was anything else other then cancer which this may be in my lung.  He said that a slow growing cancer could be present like this without giving symtpoms, In addtiion, Pneumonia is still a consideration or Pulmonary Vasculities. The only way to know for sure is to take a biopsy of it through the surgical procedure. 

I will keep things updated as things move on.






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Important Update on my lungs

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