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Important Update on my lungs

I know I posted a while back about the cough I had and how they wanted me to have an exam done on my lungs.  A while has passed and I figured I would share some more information from what has gone on so far.

Let's start off with last year, I met up with a Pulmonologist who had a bedside manner which I didn't care for.  I was accused of being an anti-vaxxer after refusing to get a flu-shot.  And I clashed with his personality.  He ordered a CT of my lungs and decided that I would need a bronchcoscopy.  As he was the one who wanted to do it, I turned it down and life happened.  My depression prevented me from wanting to go have this procedure done.  I let close to a year pass until I felt some more pain in my lung.  This set me in motion to be seen by my current Pumonologist at OHSU.  From the start, we have been very pleased with his demeanor and even met the professor of Pulmonology for the hospital as it is also a teaching hospital.  Below is my CT from when I saw the first Doctor:





Looking at the upper left side of the picture which in this case would be my right side, you can see as plain as day the white growth in my lung.    This is taken directly from the examining doctor's notes for my new CT which I do not have an image of but it should give you an idea:


Within the anterior right upper lobe there is redemonstration of a focal consolidation measuring 4 x 5.7 x 5.7 cm (axial image 84, coronal image 151), previously 3.3 x 5.7 x 4.5 cm. There is patent air bronchogram within the consolidation. Minimal surrounding groundglass is also noted. The consolidation abuts the right mediastinal border. Additional smaller satellite nodules along the right side of horizontal fissure are unchanged measuring 11 mm (image 112).

What we can take away from this is that the growth has become larger. 

Both my doctor and I agree that the next logical step is to do a bronchcoscopy to have them take a sample of the growth which is to determine if it is cancerous or not and what kind of growth this is.   They have however, determined based on the x-rays and imaging that this is a solid mass or tumor.

I have called the office to set up an appointment for the procedure and hope to hear back soon from them tomorrow at the latest according to them for scheduling.  The office told me that they are going to perform this at the VA Hospital in Portland which is on the same hill as OSHU next door to it.   From what I understand, that is where my Pulmonologist is at right now and has ordered it to be done there.   His order was processed today by them.


I will keep everyone updated as much as I can including when the procedure will be. 




An update on my lungs
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