Deaf Ears and Management

Deaf Ears and Management

Last Saturday, I was at work when Mandy called me, I was on the phone with a customer and had to reject her call.  She called back a minute or so later, so I knew it was an emergency type of call.  I put the customer on hold, and took her call.  A loud squeal coming, her in a state of uncertainty as to what to do.  She had located it to the hall and found the source:

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This is on our wall and puts out we later discovered, well over 90db of noise.  She tried to turn it off, but there was no way.  Now, we were never told by the management as to what it was for and what to do if it should ever go off.   I called our security company for the apartment which called the maintenance crew to call me at work.  So, I took care of my customer after I let Mandy know they would be sending someone out.  I started getting calls from the maintenance people that someone was coming out, then another call, and one more with them saying someone would be out sooner.  About 45 minutes after the alarm started, it shut off.    This did not sit well with anyone in my family, even the cats were in distress over the noise.   I felt completely powerless from work and it was one of those shifts where you are required to be there unless a major emergency. 

Nobody bothered to show up to look at the alarm as promised and when I arrived home a couple of hours later we dicussed as a family the key points:

Notice, there are no stickers on it to indicated "If alarm sounds, evacuatte"  Or what to do .   Our lease does not indicate it's purpose as well.  In the close to three years we have been here, it has never made a sound.  


Yestearday, we talked with the management office to learn that there was a sprinkler head which was damaged/broken in an adjacent apartment.  There was a restoration crew inside the apartment which was affected and the one below cleaning up the water damage and had removed their cabinets/appliances.   We told the management about the alarm, and learned it was caused by the sprinkler being discharged.  Maintenance was not allowed to turn off the alarm until the Fire Department gave the authorization.

When we made a complaint about the alarm and not being warned or told about it, it was dismissed with a remark, that it did it's job.  Maintenance had never shown on Saturday even after the alarm was turned off.  We waited well into the evening to nobody checking in with us as promised.  The maintenance person in the office was not interested in hearing about anything.  We pretty much left after sharing our view about what happened and the high stress Mandy experienced.  We completely felt like they didn't really care about us. 

I personally think that the alarm should have at least had a sticker on it to indicate what it was, and if the need was to evacuate or not.  Our lease ends later this year, and I am thinking we might just vacate the apartment for a better one.


Written by : Keith

Oh my goodness, that is not cool of them to treat you guys like that. I know how loud those things can be. I had to listen to ours at work for over an hour before a customer figured out how to silence the piercing alarm. I agree there should be a sticker on there

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